Principal's Message


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some are greatness thrust upon them”, Shakespeare said in one of his famous plays. So it will not be hyperbolic to say about the Director of our institution, Dr. R.C.Gupta that he really achieved greatness by giving “BAL VIDYAPEETH to this rural area. Tree BAL VIDYAPEETH is planted by him, which is being looked after under the strict supervision of our Manager Dr. Sanjiv Gupta.

BAL VIDYAPEETH represents all that is best in the neighbourhood school setting. We are strong in our home/school partnership and believe in open communication and collaboration among parents, teachers and students. Our talented staff is dedicated in making our school a happy, safe and successful teaching and learning environment for all children. We celebrate literacy as the comer stone of students’ learning across curricula. Our special areas in Art, Commerce, Science & Physical Education provide our students with many creative and challenging opportunities to learn and grow. Character education and students’ responsibility are hall marks of our commitment to educating the whole child academically, socially and emotionally. Students work together formally and informally. We are committed to expanding our students’ world view and provide opportunities for cultural and global connections.

At BAL VIDYAPEETH, we hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where work, sports and cu-curricular activities will mound our students and spur them on to be the brightest and the best. In order to do this, the parents and the school authorities must work together to inculcate certain values in the students. Respect for one’s elders, especially the teachers and the commitment to discipline are engraved in Indian culture. A student who is taught discipline will learn the power of self control. Freedom, to be truly effective needs the guidance of discipline. To be successful, we need self discipline which teaches us to sacrifice individual interests in favor of group interests. Let us inculcate these ideals in our younger generation. The parents and school authority together can install proper discipline and basic values in the children while preparing them academically for their future.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the parents of students for their valuable co-operation and contribution in the school administration. I feel proud to be a part of BAL VIDYAPEETH


R.P.S. Tomar

M.A.(English), B,Ed., L.L.B.